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A lifetime of learning and wisdom

Each year, Marc acts as a mentor to a limited number of entrepreneurs who want to create a vision for their future and are prepared to work diligently to accomplish that goal.


Perspective that leads to success

Marc Rousso is a business visionary who, with his partner Jay Mezistrano, founded JayMarc Homes – a multi-million dollar luxury home-building company in Seattle.

Like many entrepreneurs, Marc has been faced with obstacles to get to where he is today. But those challenges, along with the insights of over 50 mentors and coaches, have given him the greatest gift of all: perspective. That perspective has enable Marc to not only build a great business, but also live an inspired, happy life.

360° Perspective for
Entrepreneurs and Executives

Mentoring is about building trusted relationships that help take you to the next level. Wherever you are in life, you need to keep looking at what’s next and what’s possible. A happy life doesn’t just happen. It requires work – planning, execution and discipline. Marc Rousso’s Mentoring Program will help you embrace change, build resilience, and keep on track.

With a strong emphasis on Robert Greenleaf’s philosophy of Servant Leadership, Marc’s guidance focuses on transparency, authenticity, empowerment, and genuine care for others.


As someone who has himself been mentored by some of the world’s most influential advisors, Marc has built his own successful company and learned how to thrive in the chaos of entrepreneurialism. Applying this wisdom to all areas of his life, Marc has overcome many challenges and never stopped learning and finding new pathways.

Through personal mentoring, Marc is committed to contributing to the success of others. He helps you to see the blind spots and challenges you to seek out new ideas and areas for growth.

What you’ll get

Personalized virtual sessions that guide you with your life plan.

A pre-engagement and ongoing worksheets.

A 60 minute live session.

Review of quarterly and yearly planning calendars.


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Jeremy Madrid
Founder & Executive Producer
Madrid Productions


“Marc has been instrumental in providing coaching and mentorship to me personally and professionally. I own a live event production company and got hit pretty hard from Covid and Marc helped me navigate through some very tough waters. He is someone that has the experience and know how that gives you confidence in the steps it takes to be successful and confident.”

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Scott Jacobson

Managing Director
Madrona Venture Group


“Marc is an inspiring entrepreneur and leader. His compassionate leadership style, his strategic vision, and his intense customer focus were instrumental in making JayMarc the compelling company it is today.  Many of Marc’s instincts that guided him to success personally and professionally were born out of major challenges and failures he experienced along the way, the hallmark of many great entrepreneurs.

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James Wong

Co-Founder / CEO
Vibrant Cities


“Marc is an important and really busy guy! But if you are in his inner circle, when he gives a damn about you, he really does give a damn! He will call or regularly follow up with you to hold you accountable and tell you he has your back. He is very generous with his time and insightful advice. He doesn’t hold back and his authenticity and love overflows. I’m honored and grateful to have him as a mentor, friend and brother!”


“Whenever I needed a mentor or coach to push, pull, guide or love me on this journey, one has appeared.”

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