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Inspire Happiness Forum Retreats

Marc provides a self-reflection and life-planning program that takes participants through a step-by-step process to create their own Blueprint for Happiness.


A happy life doesn’t just happen. It requires a plan.

We all experience the benefit of forum retreats. You have fun, go on great adventures, and establish deeper connections. What if you could also have an exercise to come away with a new perspective, a detailed plan for your life, and a peer group to hold you accountable?


Inspire Happiness Workbook

The Inspire Happiness workbook provides the foundation for a self-reflection and life planning program designed specifically for forums and their retreats. Marc guides groups through the workbook exercises to help participants create their own Blueprint for Happiness.


Take charge of your life
and craft it into something epic.


Discover what’s challenging you, what you want to achieve in life, and the specific actions that you need to make. Develop your own personal pathway to living a more intentional life.

This workshop will help you develop stronger connections with your forum mates and you’ll keep each other accountable to your goals. You won’t just dream of how things can be different – you’ll make it happen with your built-in support group.

What you’ll get

2.5 hour live virtual session with Marc to guide you through the entire workbook.

You’ll receive up to 12 personalized Inspire Happiness workbooks.

A pre-engagement call.

Up to 12 seats.

Complimentary tech support.

30-day access to a recording of the experience.

1 hour follow up session.

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