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Marc's Inspiration

Here are a few of the mentors and coaches that have guided and supported Marc throughout all areas of his life. By founding the Mentor Maketh program, Marc is honoring and paying this wisdom forward. 

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Sol Avzaradel

Sol Avzaradel, gifted me the vision to see what’s possible through personal growth, development, and goal setting. He is known to those that he influences as the GOAT because he humbly makes a difference in hundreds of lives with his guidance. Sol is the owner of the two largest real estate offices in Washington State.


Howard Behar

Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks, is known as the heart of the organization - which grew from 28 stores to over 15,000 in his 21 years. Since 2006, his Servant-Leader mindset has influenced me to lead with sincere and genuine care for people.


Phil Dembo

Phil Dembo has been my Parent, Relationship and Performance coach for the past 10 years, teaching me how to be a better husband and father.  He has helped me find ways to make stronger connections with the people I love.


Jim Fitzgibbon

Jim Fitzgibbon is a customer service savant, having worked at the Four Seasons for 35 years and retiring as their esteemed President. Since 2014, Jim has influenced JayMarc and I with the adage that recovery after a mistake can achieve your most loyal customer. Even at the Four Seasons they make mistakes daily.


Jeff Gow

For the past 10 years, Jeff Gow has guided JayMarc through our highs and lows to our ultimate success and profitability. He is quick minded and proficient with a deep understanding of economics and market conditions. 


Richard Galanti and
Mike Koppel

Two fortune 100 CFO’s have guided JayMarc over the past 15 years. Richard Galanti, the CFO of Costco and Mike Koppel, the CFO or Nordstrom always talk to me about the importance of a Plan B (what if scenario’s) and what financial success looks like.


Andy Liu

Known as the Start-Up King, Andy Liu has calmly guided me through some of the most challenging times. His advice to "Hit a single or just get on base" has rung true for me over and over again.


Gordon McFadden

 Gordon McFadden was President North America of Helly Hansen and President of Nike’s Outdoor Division. For the past 20 years, Gordon has taught me the fundamentals of how to manage a successful and effective organization.


Albie Moshcatel

As my first Manager out of college, Albie Moshcatel’s influence was as a best friend, mentor, and coach. His ongoing wisdom and stories have helped guide me both personally and professionally.


Warren Rustand

Warren Rustand changed my life and has guided me to become the husband, father and servant leader I am today. Through monthly calls, he taught me what it feels like to experience unconditional love and why it’s important to give back to the world. Warren has had a long career as the CEO/Chairman of numerous public companies and is regarded as Entrepreneur Organization's most trusted leadership advisor.


Simon Sinek

In 2009, Simon Sinek spoke to a group of entrepreneurs and offered us one-on-one personal calls to discover our “Why.”  This hour changed my life and fortified my sense of creating “Community” with and for those around me.

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